Bob Fosina

Oscar Tabora

Legal Counsel:
Tony Schwartz

Risk Management;
Erik Niederer

Kim Gerardi

Assitant Registrar:

Book keeper-
Wendee Somerville

James Ortiz

Director of Coaching:
Nicolae Piperea

Technical Director:
Tom Mattera Jr

Asst. Technical Director:
Michael Fraioli

Travel Director:
Edwin Miller

Intown Director:
Mark Magnusen

World Cup Director:
Charissa Marcucilli

MLS League Director & Assistant Women’s Travel Director:
Jessica Morin

Italian League Director:
Fredy Duque

English Premier Director:
Jeff Fraleigh

Equipment Director:
Peter Blair

Fields and Rec Plus Director:
Oscar Tabora

Specials Director:
Matt Bury

Fundraiser Director:

Dawn DiNoto

Youth Academy Director:
Nicolae Piperea

Soccer Operations Manager:
Jason Marcucilli

Referee Directors:
Frank Somma
Jeff D’Agostino

We are always looking for volunteers! If you are interested in helping us please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at .