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Fall 2022 Soccer Update from TOPSoccer Teens and Young Adults

An Overview of NJSA TOPSoccer

A supportive program for all abilities Teens and Young Adults

Our program is dedicated to ensuring the positive socialization and important physical fitness that we have always strived to foster. Our group is a community of teens and young adults who care about our community and one another. We will continue to find ways to stay fit and encourage good health and positive mindfulness. We have resumed our field time for soccer and we are looking forward to a great fall season beginning September 17th.

We play on Saturdays from 2:00 PM -3:00 PM at West Rocks Field. Parking for TOPSoccer is on Aiken Street,  Players are encouraged to wear a mask if they feel comfortable, and for those who do not wear masks we practice important social distancing and respect for everyone’s need to feel safe.

Our Soccer Sessions include physical fitness, stretching, non competitive relays and games, skill building and a weekly soccer game on the field.  We support all abilities and modify our games and skill development activities to meet the needs of everyone.  We believe in creating a sense of community where each player learns good sportsmanship, enjoys friendship and self confidence.

Each player needs to have an adult responsible for their well being at the field. Mentors are a valuable part of our support team. Interested mentors age 14 and older may contact Dawn for more information. 

Fees vary per season for number of weeks planned –contact Coach Dawn. 

If you are not yet enrolled in our program, and you would like to know more about our TOPSoccer group please reaches out to me at If you are interested in TOPSoccer for school age children K-8th grade please email me and I will be in touch.

Continue to take good care, and let’s all keep the positive energy we have going together!

Best Regards,

Coach Dawn Di Noto



The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer) is a community-based skill-building and physical fitness program for young athletes of all abilities, organized by the Norwalk Junior Soccer Association. The program is designed to bring the opportunity for learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl age 5-21 with challenges, requiring individualized modifications and program support to ensure success. This program includes socialization and positive self-esteem at the forefront!

Dawn DiNoto supervises the program and is responsible for coordination of mentors and activities. Our players range in ages from 5 years to completion of High School. We include training from qualified soccer athletic professionals for some weeks in our season with small group and individualized instruction.

Parents or guardians need to be present at the field and are welcome to play soccer with us. We provide mentors for the players and welcome students age 12 and older for this rewarding volunteer opportunity.

The sessions last an hour and they are being played this year at Tracey School on Saturdays. All activities are modified as needed to ensure full participation of all players. Each season includes community activity as a group with parent participation and a trophy ceremony. We are proud to participate in the Annual Norwalk Memorial Parade.

Please contact Dawn Di Noto at to arrange to stop by and sign up to play and mentor. Questions regarding your player’s needs may also be directed to Dawn.

Topsoccer plays Fall and Spring season during the same weeks as the NJSA leagues. We play at Tracey Elementary School. Registration takes place on the first day of the new season at the Tracey School Field. Email is requested in advance to reserve your child’s place.

Registration forms may be downloaded from the site (see below) and will be available at the field.

Instructional coaches are included in the fee and provide players with skill-building activities while mentors help to modify for individualized needs.

Mentors are needed: age 12 and above. Registration will take place 1 week in advance to the season start. Contact Dawn Di Noto if interested. Community service recognition is provided for students who provide a minimum of 4 weeks support per season.