Recreational league games are cancelled today 5/20

Travel Soccer Overview

2024/2025 Tryout Dates Have Passed!

If you are still interested in trying out for our competitive program, please contact with your player’s name and date of birth to schedule a supplemental tryout!

The Norwalk Junior Soccer Association fields competitive travel soccer teams that participate in the South West District ( of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (

Our program is designed for boys and girls aged 8 – 18 that are selected to participate following our annual tryouts in May/June. The Travel Soccer program is a full year Program that requires a commitment from both players and parents. The number of teams fielded in each age group is primarily based on the number of qualified players who try out. Players who do not receive an invitation to join a travel soccer team can play in the Norwalk Junior Soccer Association recreational soccer program.

Link to US Soccer Age Matrix


Program Overview

  • The Norwalk Junior Soccer Association Travel Soccer program consists of three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • Teams are fielded by age group with divisions for U9 – U18
  • High School Spring Teams U16-U19
  • Practices and games are run by licensed and certified, professional coaches/trainers.
  • Fall and spring seasons include two training sessions during the week and a game on Saturday or Sunday. Winter season consists of one training session per week. Additional practices are at the discretion of the coach
  • Tryouts are run in May/June/July of each season to determine player selection for each age group
  • Players are determined by the Director of Coaching and Travel Director and teams are rostered by NJSA’s registrar
  • REGISTER for travel soccer tryouts or view the FAQs

Norwalk Junior Soccer Travel Tryouts

Please contact us for more information on spots available!

District League Games
Teams will play a complete league schedule (usually 8-9 games as set by our SWD District League commissioners) in the fall and spring seasons. These games are normally played on Saturday and/or Sundays, with make-up games scheduled on other days subject to field availability. Attendance is required at all games (with the exception of illness or family commitments).

The Head Coaches of travel teams are selected and approved by the Norwalk Junior Soccer Associations Board of Directors. To learn more about our expert coaching staff, view their bios and list of qualification. If you are interested in coaching a travel team please submit your resume to

Connecticut Cup Play
For teams U11 and above CJSA administers the CT Cup, a statewide single-elimination tournament, each fall and spring. These games are normally played on Saturday. NJSA’s U11 teams and above will enter the CT Cup.

Rules & Conduct

The Norwalk Junior Soccer Association (NJSA) will not tolerate unruly behavior by its players, coaches, managers and spectators at games. Referees have complete power to officiate and oversee games under the conditions set forth by the SWD-CJSA and the USSF. Participants and spectators are not permitted to use foul language, dispute calls or in any way confront referees, lines officials, coaches, managers or players of either team. Spectator involvement in a match is limited to cheering the teams positively, and not demeaning anyone in the process.  The following rules must be followed:

  1. Coaching from the sidelines is the job of each team’s coaching staff. Parents and spectators must refrain from instructing players on the field while the match is underway.
  2. Entering the field of play: No one is permitted to enter the field of play unless waved on to the field by the referee. This includes coaches, managers, parents, spectators and substitute players.
  3. Use of foul language and unruly behavior: If for any reason unruly behavior or foul language is observed on or off the field, the referee has the right to stop the game. Coaches and managers are responsible for keeping their fans (parents, friends, etc) under control. It is always the home team’s responsibility to call authorities if needed. Any parent who signs the code of conduct is responsible for the behavior of any guest at the game there to watch their player.
  4. Approaching anyone aggressively associated with the match (player, coach, manager, referee and or spectator from either team) is grounds for removal from the playing field.
  5. Distance from the playing sideline: Spectators and reserve players must stay at least 8 feet form the sidelines while the match is underway. Substitutes as well as coaches and managers listed on the roster are allowed in this space. 
  6. Location of Spectators: Spectators are not allowed behind either goal or on the bench side of the field. Only coaches and managers (maximum of 4) and players are allowed at the bench. Spectators are restricted to the opposite side of the field from the bench.